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Left Brain Creativity

Left-Brain Creativity is based on the concept of creativity embracing accountability. Scientific studies have long determined that the left side of the human brain is analytical, and it's where reason and logic take place. The right side of the brain is where creativity and emotion reside. When synthesis occurs between these two hemispheres, a powerful and holistic balance is created. Left-Brain Creativity refers to such a balance, and is the philosophy by which Williams Randall approaches marketing.

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Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Behind the Scenes Summer Awareness TV Campaign

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Indianapolis Power & Light Co.

IPL Can Make You an Energy-Saving Machine

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MDwise Marketplace Campaign

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Indiana Office of Tourism Development

Honest-to-Goodness Indiana Spring / Summer Campaign

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AAA Hoosier Motor Club

AAA - Radio for AAA Hoosier Motor Club

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