Firestone Industrial Products – Package Design

Package overhaul for several products from Firestone to help keep their Industrial Products brand moving forward as well as help it stand out at the point of purchase.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the air springs market, it’s that there’s never one simple solution to the problem. Even the retailers have a tendency to do things their own way – right down to positioning the box sideways on the shelves if it helps them move more product. And it’s hard to blame them.

So we didn’t. We designed a box that would look great and speak to our end user regardless of how it’s positioned on the shelves. All without cluttering things up with the kitchen sink when it came to including features and benefits. Last but not least, we needed it to stand out in the sea of conformity that any category has the tendency to become.

The answer: strong brand and product recognition, bold features, and wrap-around imagery that would all connect with the target audience no matter how the packaging was positioned in-store.


Our Responsibilities: Branding, Concept Development, Copywriting, Creative Services, Design, Strategy

Client: Firestone Industrial Products

Industry: Automotive/Transportation