website redesign

Defining user experience through user research and web architecture

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indianapolis, and they chose to collaborate with Williams Randall on their very ambitious and exciting website redesign project. The Museum has a strong belief in thoroughly understanding their target audiences and thereby creating a user experience on the website that will be both intuitive and serendipitous for everyone who visits. With a strong in-house digital team, what the Children’s Museum wanted was a collaborating partner who could fill in the areas of expertise they lacked, such as user experience strategy, user research and information architecture. In a thoroughly collaborative manner, our strategists, architects and designers have helped to bring the Children’s Museum’s vision to life.

The new Children's Museum of Indianapolis website launched in the spring of 2014.


Our Responsibilities: Strategy, User Research, Website Architecture

Client: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Industry: Libraries/Museums