New Awareness and Relevance for a Well-Known Brand

Creating radio that stands out amidst the clutter


Everyone knows AAA and, for the most part, what they do. But there are two things a lot of people don’t know:
  1. Why pay for AAA when I can get roadside assistance somewhere else – like my insurance company or car manufacturer?
  2. AAA offers insurance?
The answers start with a single point of differentiation, like “any car, any time, any place” for Roadside Assistance. Or “local agents who actually get to know you” for Insurance. And they lead to scenarios as varied as Santa needing help from an elf named Gassy, an insurance agent who knows you occasionally prepare for book club by watching the movie, and a series of bantering phone calls featuring an unflappable AAA representative. 
The result is listeners who understand why AAA is still the best choice for roadside assistance. And that you can not only get AAA insurance, you’ll get the kind of personalized service that’s gone by the wayside for most companies these days. A not-so-coincidental result is that people will remember these spots in the midst of all the clutter on the radio.


Our Responsibilities: Concept Development, Copywriting, Media Buying, Media Planning, Radio Concept Development, Radio Production, Strategy

Client: AAA Hoosier Motor Club

Industry: Automotive/Transportation