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Visit Hendricks County boosts awareness with social media

Gallery Case Study

In past years, Visit Hendricks County invested in three distinct campaign seasons: summer, fall and Christmas. This year they brought a new challenge to us when they asked what else we might suggest with the dollars formerly reserved for Christmas. Our experience said it was time for VHC to get social! Yes, we spread those media dollars across the weeks when there wasn’t a campaign in market and worked intentionally to boost their already-active social media presence. We’ve encouraged visitors for years to post their photos with #inHendricks, and it was time to put that into even higher gear with social influencers, shareable memes, boosted posts and more.

Case Study

Engaging With Social Influencers

How do you find out great places to visit? You rely on people who’ve been there before, right? And so do lots of other travelers. We engaged with two highly followed social influencers who were strategically selected based on the number of followers, their home base and the types of content they post. These influencers will take two trips each during the course of 2018, adding their experiences to their social media platforms. Immediately, many thousand more people will read about Visit Hendricks County getaways because of the influencers’ established base.


Promoting on Google and Facebook + Instagram

We created a fresh look to help draw attention as users scroll through their feeds, using some of the creative as newsfeed ads and others as organic posts. To encourage more shares on Facebook and Instagram, we created custom illustrations that would be relatable to the target audience, inviting them to tag their friends who fit the description. For each post, we strategically create a specific audience to match the post content. The wine meme, for example, was served up to a custom audience we created to include those who love things like wine tasting and social drinking. And we’ve learned the custom audience is a great approach as that post was the most successful in attracting clicks!


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