Handling Road Wince

Finding common ground among horse owners, general contractors, car-show enthusiasts and boaters


You might not think there’d be a lot of common ground among people who tow horses, gravel, boats and classic cars. You’d be right. We found it anyway. Right there in that giant pothole you never see until it’s too late to do anything but wince. A phenomenon known as Road-Wince. But Firestone’s Rite-Ride Air Springs are designed to protect both your vehicle (imagine a $40,000 pick-up with five tons of gravel in tow) and your cargo (imagine a $40,000 boat, thoroughbred or classic car in tow) from things that go bump in the road.

Luckily, Williams Randall is designed to spread the word to a widely diverse audience in the most efficient, effective way possible.

In addition to a print buy strategically planned to reach those readers most likely to take action, we placed online ads across five tactics designed to maximize awareness, impressions and landing page visits. The results included cutting cost-per-click in half from 2014 to 2015, and print readers spending an impressive average of 2 minutes and 48 seconds on the landing page.

In other words, no one was wincing at the campaign results.



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Client: Firestone Industrial Products

Industry: Automotive/Transportation