Even the Worst Day is a Good Day with Quick Draw

Surpassing sales goals for a new lottery game


We learned that one key reason people play the lottery is the excitement of the time between buying their ticket and finding out if they won. So it dawned on us: every day you miss out on a Quick Draw ticket is a day you miss out on the excitement of knowing you could win.

Enter: one of your worst days ever. Street puddles in your face. Hair-gouging barbers. A disintegrating briefcase. But none of it phases you because you could be within 24 hours of being a three-hundred-thousandaire. This...is a Quick Draw day.

In the end, The Lottery more than doubled its launch goal with 230% of targeted sales. And the client, who described herself as having very high expectations, admitted those expectations were exceeded, as well. 



Our Responsibilities: Branding, Concept Development, Copywriting, Strategy, TV Concept Development, TV Production

Client: Hoosier Lottery

Industry: Entertainment