Determining Which Attracts more Attention: Offer or No Offer?

Award-winning strategy had surprising results

Gallery The Test Case

The AAA Hoosier Motor Club territory covers a large portion of the Midwest, mainly 50 counties in Indiana. They wanted to attract online traffic to their travel agents and travel planning services. Our team developed a comprehensive strategy that included search engine marketing (SEM) advertisements and contextual display advertisements (banner ads) that all drove visitors to a landing page.

Our ad campaign targeted a very carefully selected online target audience, including a geographic region that overlapped with the AAA Hoosier Motor Club’s territory, and those individuals more likely to plan expensive, complicated trips best suited to travel planning assistance. selected this test case as a 2014 B2C PPC Landing Page Silver Ribbon Winner! (As of March 2014, this winning case study is only available on the website to premium members.)

The Test Case

Williams Randall decided the best way to get results was to test multiple combinations of online ads/landing pages and go with the version that yielded the most conversions.

  1. Ads WITH offer > Landing page WITH offer
  2. Ads NO offer > Landing page NO offer
  3. Ads NO offer > Landing Page WITH offer

The essential test we ran was “offer” vs. “no offer”; we wanted to see which would yield higher conversions on the landing page: a contest prize, or no contest prize. (“The offer,” in this case, was the chance to be randomly drawn for a $250 Visa gift card.)

The Results

Surprise! Not including a contest offer was the clear winner, which had a 74% higher conversion rate than a landing page with no offer.

Based on these results, we removed the offer from the SEM ads as well as the landing page, and continued the campaign without it.


Our Responsibilities: Analytics, Content Strategy, Lead Generation, Online Advertising Strategy

Client: AAA Hoosier Motor Club

Industry: Travel/Tourism/CVB

Awards: 2014 B2C PPC Landing Page Silver Ribbon Winner