A Smile-Inducing Rebranding Effort

Worldwide manufacturer of orthodontic supplies reinvents itself

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G&H Orthodontics was an established manufacturer of orthodontic wires. After expanding its capabilities to also manufacture brackets, bands, elastomerics and many other products that make smiles more beautiful, they faced the battle of orthodontists and distributors not understanding the full line. In addition to the products they manufacture, G&H Orthodontics also provides practices with everything else they need to successfully run their businesses.


Case Study

Plenty of reasons to smile after this rebranding effort

G&H Orthodontics engaged with Williams Randall to give it a new look and message to orthodontists and distributors around the world. This involved a total rebranding, from logo and tagline to a reskinned website, new printed materials and print ads, a video, as well as a new tradeshow booth. Did we mention that all of this needed to happen in just a few weeks? Yes, there was the deadline of the annual meeting of AAO—the American Association of Orthodontists.

The client reports that the AAO conference was the best it had experienced in 15 years of participation. The proof? They made more sales on the first day of AAO than total sales from any previous AAO. They also handed out new literature at the booth, putting the full line and updated branding in the hands of many more potential customers. 

Also, online orders have increased by 25% since our redesigned website launched. Traffic to the website has increased 200%, pageviews are up 168% and the bounce rate is down 15%. So in addition to looking better and being more user-friendly, the website just functions better for G&H, too.

One of the first products to be advertised under the new brand was the Copper Niti wire, a new product for G&H. After just a couple weeks of online display advertising and search engine marketing, G&H had received both leads and prospects for this state-of-the-art product.

Smiles? Yes, there are plenty of reasons to show those straight teeth!


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Client: G&H Orthodontics

Industry: Manufacturing