About Us

Williams Randall is a full-service advertising and marketing agency with two locations: Indianapolis and Terre Haute, Indiana. President Charlie Williams founded our agency in 1979, and our current CEO, Gerry Randall, became a partner in 1994.  

What we do for our clients

Today we have a diverse team of experts who work with our clients to achieve their marketing and branding goals. Our services include, but are not limited to, branding, media, web, mobile, research, SEO, SEM, analytics, social media, broadcast and print.

The meaning behind Left-Brain Creativity

We have termed our marketing philosophy Left-Brain Creativity. It’s based on the concept of creativity embracing accountability. Scientific studies have long determined that the left side of the human brain is analytical, and it's where reason and logic take place. The right side of the brain is where creativity and emotion reside.

When synthesis occurs between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, a powerful and holistic balance is created. Left-Brain Creativity refers to such a balance.

Campaigns for our clients are creative and vibrant and stand out in the marketplace. It also means our creative is strengthened by systematic analytical thinking–actively engaging in testing, measuring and improving results.

Our approach to working with you

Our approach to working with you is collaborative. We start by listening to you. We may ask a lot of questions (a lot!). You will immediately sense our passion to see you succeed.
When we understand your business, your goals and your customers, we create an effective strategy. Our strategists bring you new ways of thinking, new ideas, and strategies that are fully integrated and backed by analytics. One of our top priorities—alongside delivering marketing success to your business—is to help you become an even stronger, smarter marketer through the process. Our strategies are comprehensive, clear, understandable and transparent. They will provide you with a vision for your marketing not just for today, but also into the future.

We are a Premier Google Partner

We want to do the best work we can for our clients. Sometimes, that involves passing tests! As a Premier Google Partner, we are up to date with the latest product knowledge for placing and analyzing your Google advertising. Specifically, we are deemed specialists in search advertising. You want potential customers to find you? We're especially good at that. Learn more about what this means for our clients. 

Our people

Our people are our strongest asset, so of course we are very picky. We only bring on people with passion for what we do and deep expertise in their individual fields. Williams Randall team members get invested in each and every project. We know that one of our greatest differentiators as a marketing agency is the quality of our people and the unusually positive, approachable culture we value so much. When you meet us, you will see it right away. (By the way, if you’re a bright, passionate marketer looking for a new opportunity, we’d like to meet you. Please check out our job openings.)