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Indiana Tourism spends 32% less per conversion YOY.

It’s no secret that the more vividly you can represent a fun experience, the more likely people are to try it. So we decided to give Indiana Tourism’s website visitors a sampling, if you will, to increase their chances of visiting the destination they were considering.

The thinking was about shifting the website’s goal from quantity to quality. Rather than spend money on driving as much traffic to the site as possible, let’s find people who are qualified and will interact with the content to improve awareness and engagement.

We implemented features like interactive maps and a quiz so people could learn what destinations might be best for them. Then we provided tools for finding nearby places to eat, things to do and where to stay. We essentially let travelers plan their entire trip.

Ultimately, we added so much fun content to the site that for every dollar Tourism spent driving people to it, the cost per conversion went down 32% YOY.

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first page of a quiz for Indiana Tourism screenshot of an interactive map

University registers its largest freshman class ever.

During our first meeting with University of Indianapolis, they challenged us with the lofty goal of exceeding the largest freshman class they’d ever had. Challenge accepted.

We developed a comprehensive media plan with the objective of generating awareness and driving qualified engagement with landing pages. We established awareness with targeted online display campaigns using both behavioral and contextual targeting. We then reached prospects further down the funnel with Google search campaigns using a mix of intricately thought out keyword strategies.

We’re happy to report that we did, in fact, help bring in the largest freshman class the school had ever seen. But the real story here is that we’ve been able to keep that momentum going.

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landing page screenshot University of Indianapolis

With a goal of 28%, carwash chain’s Unlimited Club sales go up 127%.

Crew Carwash had made the bold move to lower the price of its Unlimited Club in an effort to boost membership. The plan was a success but after a year of observing customer habits, Crew hoped to continue to increase the number of customers despite the need to increase the monthly fee slightly.

Our challenge was to address the combination of aggressive sales goals and a higher price at the same time. So we armed the campaign with an offer: sign up for the plan and get your second month free. (This guaranteed Crew at least a month of revenue even from the members who canceled.)

Our media plan spanned TV, radio, Pandora, outdoor, newspaper, online display, email and point-of-sale. We strategically focused on six major Indiana markets, carefully targeting to achieve a 95% reach and 13x frequency.

The first year of the campaign, Crew beat its goal to increase sales by 28% with a whopping 127% increase instead. And we weren’t finished. The next year, we surpassed their goal again with another 22% increase YOY .

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still from TV spot for Crew Carwash outdoor billboard for Crew Carwash campaign

Powered by Left-Brain Creativity

Simply put, Left-Brain Creativity is the creative, right-brain thinking you want from your ad agency, but it’s infused with an analytical, left-brain point of view. It’s about developing creative ideas that ensure our clients spend their time and energy being the smartest marketers they can be.

In other words, you get creativity that’s as accountable as it is original.

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