Left-Brain Creativity


 Left-Brain Creativity is about doing it right. You get the creative, right-brain thinking you want from an advertising agency, but it’s infused with a left-brain analytical point of view. It’s about developing creative ideas that ensure our clients spend their time and money being the smartest marketers they can be. Creativity that’s as accountable as it is original. For a client it means two things:

  • Ideas we bring you won’t only be fresh, they’ll be armed with insight.
  • You won’t be left wondering what worked because we track, measure, analyze and tell you.

We start with you. Getting to know your business. Asking questions, such as why are you advertising at all? What are your goals? How will we know when we’ve been successful for you? And what problems do you believe you solve for your customers? So get ready.

Then we get to know your target audience. After all, you wouldn’t presume to know someone’s favorite food the minute you learn their name, would you? You have to get to know them. Ask questions. Pick up on the subtle clues. And most importantly, learn what problems you’re really solving for them. The results are almost always surprising and give us insights that help us to reach, persuade and motivate your audience to take action.

The creative department isn’t the only team thinking creatively

Next our strategists take that learning and turn it into a crystallized plan of attack. What do we need to communicate? Where? When?

Then our writers and designers turn it all into unique and interesting messaging, talking to the audience in a way no one ever has before. Compelling. Profound. Emotional. 

Is TV the right media outlet for your audience and budget? Direct mail? A digital campaign complemented by radio that all drives to a landing page? Our media team creatively pinpoints audiences and maximizes tactics.

The synergy that develops demonstrates the value of hiring a full-service agency in these days of isolated specialists.

Oh, and did we mention that despite our best collective efforts, there’s always room to improve?

Enter: the analytics team. Because it’s hindsight that’s 20/20, not foresight. So, we track results and analyze data to learn when something worked, when it didn’t work, why, and most important, how to make it better the next time.

Left-Brain Creativity is not an exact science

It takes planning, learning (from mistakes as well as successes), collaborating, and improving. And it takes clients who want those exact same things. Especially the part about improving.

Because the end of every project is really the beginning of the next one.