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Tie-ing Together a Legacy

On a balmy October day, a steady stream of snazzy suit-and-tie-sporting advertisers descended upon 21 Virginia Avenue. The group had one mission: to celebrate and honor the legacy of Williams Randall founder Charlie Williams on the second annual Charlie Williams Day. 

A Brief History of Charlie Williams Day

In 2022, Charlie was in the process of stepping back from the daily operations of the company, and the management team wanted to honor his legacy. So, with the help of the company outing team, Charlie Williams Day, a day for gratitude and reflection, was born. 

Learn more about Charlie’s penchant for festive ties in the video below: 

Celebrating our Founder 

In addition to dressing up like Charlie, our team took part in various Charlie-themed activities throughout the morning. There was a period when he liked having dinner for breakfast, so we began the day with a hearty meal of pasta and salad. 

After everyone had filled their bellies, we spread out in one of our meeting rooms for some crafting and storytime. One by one, various members of our team shared their favorite anecdotes about working with Charlie. Donna, Charlie’s wife, was also in attendance and told her own, unique stories about his life outside the office. The morning ended with a few short games, including an egg hunt which featured eggs filled with items representing things Charlie liked and clients he held dear. We also played a round of pin the tie on Charlie and a musical chairs-style game set to his favorite music. 

The impact Charlie had on all of our lives is immutable. We loved pausing to celebrate, laugh, and remember him. 

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