To Switch or Not to Switch?

MDwise TV for Healthy Indiana Plan answers the question


Some people are wired to be switchers, whether it’s trading for someone else’s lunch at the school cafeteria or switching out the throw pillow on a sofa. What makes a switcher decide not to make a switch? That’s what Williams Randall decided to illustrate with the creation of “Rita,” a quirky, charming character in a TV commercial for MDwise. Hoosiers who have the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) had an opportunity to switch plans during a six-week period in late 2017. MDwise wanted to accomplish two things: encourage its current members to stay with MDwise and encourage people in other plans to switch to MDwise. And that’s where Rita comes in. Portrayed by three actresses, Rita goes through child, teen and adult stages of life, always being a switcher. Because she knows the value of her MDwise HIP, however, she stays with MDwise.  Viewers of the ad thought Rita was onto something! For the six-week period, MDwise received the second-highest number of members switching to their Healthy Indiana Plan. Switch on your video player to watch the spot now.



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