Cleaning Up—Both Cars and Results

Crew Carwash’s Unlimited Plan had even better results than expected

Gallery Case Study

Let’s face it. There are millions of reasons to wash your car—mud, birds, rain, puddles and so on. And they all seem to happen the minute you drive away from the carwash in a perfectly clean, dry, shiny vehicle. What better reason to have an Unlimited Wash plan from Crew Carwash?

For two years, we have conveyed those reasons in TV spots, reinforced them on the radio, and driven home the great deal (2nd month free) in outdoor, print and other materials. Did people like the idea of going through the carwash as often as they felt like it? Read on! 


Case Study

Putting a shine on sales goals

Crew’s first-year goal was a 28% increase in Unlimited customers, and they ended up with a whopping 127% increase. The second year of the campaign continued surpassing their goal for Unlimited customers with another 22% increase year over year. Not only did the campaign exceed sales goals to generate constant, predictable revenue, it also appears to have expanded Crew's customer base by adding customers drawn in by the value.

In other words, Crew Carwash cleaned up (sorry, those wordplays are hard to resist on this account).


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