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My Healthy Baby

The Importance of Relatability

How My Healthy Baby Leveraged Storytelling to Drive Conversions

When it comes to effective marketing, relatability matters. For an initiative like My Healthy Baby, ensuring that women can see themselves enrolling in and benefitting from the service is essential to accomplishing its mission of creating healthier outcomes for Indiana families. 

My Healthy Baby is a cross-agency initiative between the Indiana Department Of Health, Family and Social Services Administration, and the Department of Child Services. The initiative connects women with local family support providers who assist them with pregnancy and infant education through home visits. 

Williams Randall began working with My Healthy Baby in 2020. During that first year of our partnership, we were tasked with naming, branding, and launching the brand. In our initial research, we learned that there was some distrust of state agencies in the communities we were trying to reach. We also needed to overcome the fear of home visiting during the pandemic. So, our biggest goal became helping Hoosier women see themselves in the program.

Relatable and Real

When we set out to tell the My Healthy Baby brand story, we wanted to focus on the women who have already worked with family support providers. Their stories are what the brand is all about. We knew that showcasing the ways women’s lives have changed as a result of family support providers would encourage new women to join the program. 

It was very exciting when we were finally able to begin meeting with mothers to record their stories in late 2022. We worked with eight women across the state and filmed their interviews alongside their families and family support providers. In addition to the testimonials, we used footage to create a recruitment video so that My Healthy Baby could reach people interested in becoming family support providers. We also produced a community support video to engage community organizations and bolster funding asks in local and state legislation.

A landing page we created to drive conversions has been central to the My Healthy Baby campaign from the beginning. Here, people can watch the testimonial videos, read through commonly asked questions, and fill out a form to be contacted. Our display ads and commercials bring them there.

Driving Growth 

When we first partnered with My Healthy Baby, their services were available in 20 Indiana counties. As of April 2023, My Healthy Baby is a well-known entity in the state that’s supporting moms in all 92 Indiana counties. Through the first 33 months of having the My Healthy Baby brand in market, our campaign has driven 1,908 referrals to local programs.


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