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Good Ideas Start with Good Research

From Discovery Sessions to Customer Surveys, We Do it All

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Learning your brand from the start

Part of Williams Randall’s brand promise is to make our clients the smartest marketers they can be. Conducting research to uncover insights is one way we do that. Stakeholder discovery sessions, surveys, customer interviews, usability testing, heat maps, concept testing, attitude and usage studies — you name it, we’ve done it (and can do it for you).

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Getting to the “big ideas"

Agencies often talk about identifying the “big idea” that’s going to get people to recall and act upon your advertising. In order to resonate with the target audience and achieve maximum impact, every big idea needs to be rooted in piercing insight. How do we uncover that insight? You guessed it. Research.

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Giving recommendations, always

Don’t you just hate a research report that gives you all the data but doesn’t tell you what it means? We know we do. That’s why our research deliverables include easy-to-read data highlights and summaries, plus a breakdown of key insights and actionable recommendations from our strategists. So you’ll know what the data means and what to do next.

Well-Built Creative Needs a Solid Foundation

Research lays the groundwork for everything that we do. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research through all phases of a project, not just on your brand, but on your customers, your competition, and whatever else will help us deepen our understanding and get you results.


  • Personalized research — our experienced planners know how to design research to yield maximum insight
  • Get answers to your questions — so you can make informed business decisions
  • Transformational insights — uncover pain points and unheard perspectives that lead to new strategies and solutions
  • Flexible deliverables — from polished PowerPoints for your management team to detailed reports with charts and verbatims for marketing managers, we deliver results in a format that fits your needs and budget

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Prefer to talk? Call our CEO, Gerry Randall, at 317-644-3434.

One of our specialties is research for large, complex websites.

We utilize a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques to learn as much as we can about your site users—their reasons for visiting, perceptions of your brand, pain points, etc.—before we start any work on your site.

Our website clients love this step in the development process! Especially user interviews. There’s nothing like witnessing your actual customers interacting with your website and hearing what’s important to them and what they think of your site. You’ll likely be both pleased and surprised (often shocked) and will undoubtedly walk away from the experience confident in what needs to be done.

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