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My Healthy Baby

Continuous Learning, Continuous Improvement

How Audience Research Helped My Healthy Baby Hone Their Message

At Williams Randall, we’re always looking for ways to make our creative more engaging and, in turn, improve results for our clients. Research is a huge part of that process for our team, not just in the beginning stages of working with a client but between campaigns too. 

My Healthy Baby connects Indiana women with family support providers who, through in-home visits, offer pregnancy and infant support. The brand’s 2024 campaign would involve a new set of online videos compiled using footage from previously recorded testimonials. It would also include a fresh look at the landing page strategy and design, plus new OOH and online ads. 

We wanted to gauge current perceptions and awareness levels of My Healthy Baby amongst Indiana moms so we could evolve our messaging to address any concerns and help bring more mothers into the program. 

Before diving headfirst into our new campaign for the Indiana Department of Health’s My Healthy Baby program, our team partnered with an Indianapolis-based research institute, Strategic Marketing & Research Insights (SMARI), to conduct and observe online focus groups. 

Moms across Indiana participated in the groups and we carefully observed their responses together, gathered in our conference room, over the course of two January evenings. 

Our partners at SMARI began the sessions by asking if the moms knew of any programs that helped expectant moms before diving into questions that focused more directly on My Healthy Baby. Participants also shared their thoughts on several digital ads and some video content featuring the testimonial footage. 

We walked away with a few major insights that ultimately helped us craft our latest creative campaign for the brand. 

Research Insights

We learned that moms connected with the program most through emotion-driven, personable messaging like what’s found in our testimonial videos. 

We also gained helpful insight into how slightly different terms evoked very different connotations with moms. For instance, “in-home support” or “in-home visits” were viewed as convenient and personal while the similar term “home visit” evoked a sense of suspicion and intrusion. 

Putting Insights to Work

In our new campaign, we decided to repurpose the well-received testimonial videos and use them as 30- and 15-second spots to engage the audience and motivate users to click through to the website where they can watch the full videos and sign up for more information. 

A large focus of our new campaign is normalizing the concept of home visiting for moms-to-be. While My Healthy Baby’s brand recognition is growing in the state, there is still some distrust of home visiting services, so emphasizing it and marketing it as a convenient benefit rather than something to be feared was important. This messaging was woven in throughout the new video cutdowns and outdoor boards. 

Though this campaign has yet to enter the market, at Williams Randall, we’ve seen over and over again that taking the time to do research pays off for our clients through stronger campaigns and tangible results.


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