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Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

A Website That Reflects World-Class Care

How Williams Randall Overhauled RHI’s Online Presence

Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI) provides world-class, personalized care for individuals facing life-changing injury or illness, including brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, transplant, and other trauma. RHI is shaping the future of medicine because their services are steeped in research led by globally respected physicians. In order for RHI to grow their reputation and positively impact more patients’ lives, it was time to transform their website into a true reflection of all they have to offer.

Understanding the Needs of Site Visitors

Patients and caregivers typically visit a site like RHI’s right when their world has been turned upside down by a stroke, accident, or another traumatic incident and they must urgently decide where to seek rehabilitative services to help them or their loved one get back to home, school, work, and life. Following Williams Randall’s user-centered approach to website design and to make sure we kept their unique needs front and center, we conducted interviews with past and current RHI patients and their caregivers to learn more about how they used the old site and what would be most important to them in a new site. We then worked with RHI’s internal team to organize all the information on the website in a way that would meet patients’ needs while simultaneously reaching business goals and complying with industry guidelines. While user research and content architecture work is typical in our website redesign projects, the design phase brought about a unique opportunity: to give the entire RHI brand a new look and feel.

Practicing Some Brand Therapy

Inspired by patients’ and caregivers’ need for hope, support, and expertise and RHI physicians’ dedication to research that improves patient care, we developed RHI’s new brand.

A new tone and warm patient-physician interaction photography show the hope that RHI brings patients. The dual blue palette is expanded with complementary green and coral to evoke thoughts of lively positivity and health – plus offer strong colors that can be used for call-to-action buttons across the website. A mix of serif and non-serif fonts convey the modern technologies that RHI is developing, as well as pay tribute to the history the hospital has in the community. Finally, visual representations of big data span each page, providing visual interest, and more importantly reinforcing that research is woven into everything RHI does, making them stronger in helping patients recover each day.

The newly designed RHI website is modern, has a fresh and crisp look and feel, and is simple to navigate through all points of the site.

The RHI team is embracing the new look and is proud to have a website that more accurately represents the organization’s prestige.

“The newly designed RHI website is modern, has a fresh and crisp look and feel, and is simple to navigate through all points of the site,” shares Stephanie Hale, Executive Assistant and Marketing and PR Associate at RHI. “I hope the new website will help RHI accomplish increased traffic to the site and, most importantly, a heightened awareness of ‘the best-kept secret,’ Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana – the premier acute free-standing rehabilitation hospital not only in the Midwest but around the world.”

A Simple-to-Use, Yet Powerful CMS

In addition to redefining the RHI brand through the website redesign process, Williams Randall paid just as much care to the back end of the site. Our customized implementation of a well-known CMS enables RHI’s marketing team – even those without any programming experience – to easily edit the site’s content. 

“The CMS is surprisingly easy to navigate and make edits within,” says Marketing Associate Max Bowler. I was expecting the CMS to be somewhat complicated and require me to constantly refer to the guide Williams Randall made me, but I very seldom have to do that. The tabs and descriptions on every page make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for and make quick edits.”

While RHI and Williams Randall just recently celebrated the launch of the new rhirehab.com, we look forward to monitoring user engagement data as time goes on to learn more about the impact of our work and continue to help RHI better serve its patients and caregivers online.


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