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Keeping Tabs on COVID-19 Industry Trends

The world as we know it is changing by the day (if not more quickly), but Williams Randall is staying on top of the trends for our clients. Following is some of the latest news impacting advertisers that our media team has compiled.


As of last week, video platforms had seen significant audience upticks. Nielsen reports that Americans streamed 85% more minutes of video in March 2020 than in March 2019. Meanwhile, the average person has spent 36% more minutes streaming TV and movies in the last four weeks. Binge watching—which the Hulu English Dictionary defines as watching 3+ episodes in one sitting—has climbed more than 25% over the last two weeks. Thank you, Tiger King. :)

Media consumption has increased overall, as even local broadcast TV ratings in Indiana are up as much as 15%.

Here's a look at how viewership trends have changed since the pandemic took hold.

Other Online Usage Info

TikTok usage jumped 27% from February to March as people have more time on their hands.

Industry Trends

Here is what we are seeing related to specific industries.

Travel destinations like Hendricks County have switched gears to be more of a community hub of resources and spreading goodwill.


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