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40x40: 40 Celebrations of 40 Years

INDIANAPOLIS—What do you do to celebrate 40 years of successful advertising? 40 different events including outings, activities, community service days, spirit days, and in one case, dinner for breakfast. It was a fun way to remind ourselves to stop and smell the roses. And the occasional rosé. We called it our 40x40 Challenge. And truth be told, we actually snuck in 41 of them. (Don’t tell the Analytics department.)

While the actual anniversary didn’t happen until just recently, on October 1, we started the celebration, er, Challenge, months ago. It was a great way to honor (and in some cases, learn) our history, do some good in the community, and just have a little fun.

Speaking of learning our history, we kicked things off with the video we produced to celebrate our FIFTH anniversary. After that we tackled everything from cleaning up the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and helping out at Second Helpings, to throwing axes and watching baseball, to dressing up in honor of our favorite decade and our founder.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds (just ask Emma, Gail, Carly, Joy, Lexa and Lindsay, who organized all 41 of our 40 challenges), but it sure made turning 40 a lot more fun.

  1.  Watch 5th Anniversary Video
  2.  Easter-Themed Egg Hunt
  3.  Cinco de Mayo Taco Pitch-In
  4.  Nintendo Game Beer O’clock
  5.  Detective Day Outing
  6.  National Mimosa Day
  7.  Share Your Favorite Ad Campaign
  8.  Williams Randall Exterior Sign Updated
  9.  Second Helpings Volunteer Event
  10.  School Spirit Day
  11.  Beer O’clock on the Roof
  12.  Indianapolis Indians Game 
  13.  Two Truths and a Lie Game at Company Meeting
  14.  Bring Your Dog to Work Day
  15.  Monumental Marketplace
  16.  Official Williams Randall Website Launch
  17.  Bomb Pops for the 4th of July
  18.  Make a Piece of Artwork as a Team
  19.  Guess the Employee Baby Pictures
  20.  Mid-Summer Ice Cream Bar
  21.  Picnic in the Park
  22.  Gail on the Streets 
  23.  Trivia – Williams Randall Edition
  24.  Indianapolis Cultural Trail Clean-Up
  25.  Climb to the Top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument
  26.  Axe Throwing 
  27.  Dinner for Breakfast
  28.  Lobby Installation and Left-Brain Creativity Artwork in Office
  29.  Surprise Giveaway (Albanese Candy)
  30.  Surprise Company Event (Staff Appreciation Day – Thank You Cards)
  31.  Surprise Giveaway (WR Pint Glasses)
  32.  Friday the 13th Spooky Event
  33.  Inaugural Chiwi Awards
  34.  City Market Outing
  35.  Wine and Beer Tasting Event
  36.  Coffee O’clock
  37.  Spirit Week – Dress like Charlie
  38.  Spirit Week – Dress Like Your Favorite Side of the Brain
  39.  Spirit Week – Dress Like One of the Four Decades of Williams Randall
  40.  Spirit Week – Dress Up Day
  41.  Spirit Week – Dress Down Day (in Your Agency T-shirt) 


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