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40 Years of History

INDIANAPOLIS—Over the last 40 years we’ve done a lot to be proud of. So in preparation for our 40th anniversary open house, we curated a collection of our history. It was a labor of love as well as a lovely walk down Memory Lane. From the highs (our first Telly award in 2006) to the lows (Gerry’s mustachioed efforts to look more sophisticated in the 80s), we left no stone unturned on our Wall of Fame.

It features work for our very first client (Templeton Coal, who we’re proud to work with to this day), exhibits a 40-year evolution made possible by no job being too big or too small, and embodies the work ethic and talent that Charlie and Gerry have relentlessly cultivated over the years. Newsletters and newspaper. Inserts and outdoor. Award-winning websites, award-winning mailers and award-winning TV. It’s all there. All you have to do is look.

We just hope you enjoy perusing our history as much as we enjoyed making it. 

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