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Strengthening a Brand That So Many Depend On

As an Indiana-based nonprofit health care company, MDwise is dedicated to the idea that all Indiana families should have access to high-quality health care, regardless of income.

It is therefore imperative that underserved populations are aware of the full current breadth of MDwise’s program offering, one that now extends well beyond just health insurance. You could be standing in the middle of a desert with a giant carafe of cool, clear drinking water, but unless you’ve got a giant neon sign advertising it, everyone out of your line of sight will remain parched. 

Calling in the Pros

Our work with MDwise over the past 8 years has given Williams Randall a firm grounding in their industry’s marketing landscape. That elevated understanding informed us as we laid out a three-month plan for a multipoint, budget-sensitive digital campaign to further grow MDwise’s stature and visibility, particularly in the rural, African-American and Latino communities where they’re most needed.

Using census data, we identified the areas of the state with the highest percentage of underserved populations and identified digital and traditional media tactics that could reach those audiences efficiently and succinctly. 

The Results

All tactics employed yielded more than 121,225,000 impressions (more than 2.5x the campaign goal); 119,000 clicks (1.5x the goal) and more than 4 million completed video impressions.

From a targeting perspective, significant inroads were made in each of the campaign’s focal communities (Rural, Black and Hispanic audiences), but none so much as the Black and Hispanic audiences, which yielded nearly 3.5 million impressions and over 17,000 clicks.

Different headlines, messages and images were tested for their effectiveness in Google Responsive Display and Image ads, as well as in Facebook Carousel ads; higher-performing content was then emphasized upon campaign refinement. 

One interesting tactic employed in the campaign was that of Competitive Conquesting, in which an MDwise ad was placed immediately after that of a competitor’s, showing viewers an alternate option to the one they’d just seen. This tactic yielded nearly 1.8 million impressions, almost 2,000 clicks and a little over 971K completed video viewings, all either matching or eclipsing the campaign’s stated goals.


Even when the budget is tight, a smart, informed and expertly targeted marketing campaign can exceed all expectations. With strong content, segment savvy and finely tuned targeting, Williams Randall’s left-brained creativity was able to bring home a big win for the client, significantly raising awareness of MDwise in the communities where it’s most needed.


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