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Visit Indiana

Honoring an Indiana Legend

Indiana is home to seven acclaimed golf courses designed by the late Pete and Alice Dye, and Indiana Tourism wanted to give the trail the prestige it deserves. Enter our web team, who brought it to an award-winning aesthetic and functional level.

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Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Bringing Supernatural Power and Strength to a Campaign

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari aptly named its new steel roller coaster Thunderbird, the mythical bird known to have the power and strength to bring thunder. Williams Randall’s quest was to create a campaign that would cause thunderous ticket sales.

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Best of TV

We've cut through the din with near silence, created a lifelong switcher who finally decided not to, even gotten an energy-saving machine's view of her own home. Only TV lets you build a world from scratch while reaching the broadest possible audience. (It also lets you show people getting a box full of carwash suds to the face.)

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Words Barely Do it Justice

“Wooooaaaahhh!” “Hahahaha” “Sluuuuurrrrp!” Words barely do justice to a day at Holiday World. Our awareness campaign let viewers know it.

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Elements Financial

Website Redesigned to be a “Digital Branch” Gets Results

Elements Financial came to Williams Randall to recreate a website that would effectively work as a digital branch for current and potential members. After thorough research, planning, design, content creation, and programming, the new e-branch proved its worth through a strong increase in applications and higher satisfaction ratings from users.

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To Switch or Not to Switch?

If you’re wired to make changes all the time, wouldn’t you want to change your health insurance every year, too? Not if you’re with MDwise for the Healthy Indiana Plan. We had fun with Rita getting this point across.

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Visit Indiana

Improving Aesthetics + Functionality

When you’re planning a getaway, where do you get your information? We bet you said online! And that’s why Indiana Tourism’s website is such an important trip-planning tool for their visitors. Williams Randall did a complete makeover of the website, including aesthetic changes to make it more contemporary as well as functional changes to improve the user and advertiser experiences.

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Crew Carwash

What if the Carwash Came to Christmas?

Crew Carwash was looking for a way to attract attention during the busy holiday shopping season. Aimed at gift buyers who struggle with what to buy for the car-owner in their lives, the holiday television campaign and accompanying pieces combine a touch of practicality with a lot of slapstick humor.

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The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Unwrapping a Successful Gift-Buying Season

Heading into the holiday shopping season, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis set its sights on increasing sales of gift memberships. They engaged Williams Randall to develop a targeted online campaign to reach shoppers as they made their holiday gift-buying decisions.

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Horizon Bank

Breaking Out of a Sea of Sameness

Horizon Bank came to us as a new client with a tall order: to help them stand out in an industry where everyone seems to say the same thing. Specifically, they wanted to refresh their brand and ultimately become smarter marketers through stronger, more strategic creative that is measured for effectiveness.

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Hoosier Lottery

Even the Worst Day is a Good Day with Quick Draw

We learned that one key reason people play the lottery is the excitement of the time between buying their ticket and finding out if they won. So it dawned on us: every day you miss out on a Quick Draw ticket is a day you miss out on the excitement of knowing you could win.

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AAA Hoosier Motor Club

Determining Which Attracts More Attention: Offer or No Offer?

The AAA Hoosier Motor Club territory covers a large portion of the Midwest, mainly 50 counties in Indiana. They wanted to attract online traffic to their travel agents and travel planning services. Our team developed a comprehensive strategy that included search engine marketing (SEM) advertisements and contextual display advertisements (banner ads) that all drove visitors to a landing page.

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Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

A Website That Reflects World-Class Care

RHI’s new website accurately reflects the high level of care they provide to patients who’ve been set back by injury, stroke and other illnesses. At the same time, it led to an overall branding update.

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